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The ideal partner for companies and public bodies



Our LABs carry out consultancy and research activities


High education courses

Training for the labour market since 1992


The University of Florence in Prato

PIN gives the opportunity to study in Prato

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PIN is an innovative hub in Prato, that connects 3 different areas: Research and innovative business services, Higher education and vocational training, University


Research and innovative business services


Higher education and vocational training courses


Degree courses of the University of Florence in Prato

For Companies and Public Entities

  • Do you need advice?
  • Are you looking for a trainee?
  • Do you want to find a partner or look for a competition notice?
  • Do you have an idea and do not know how to execute it?


PIN offers to private companies and public administrations a multitude of multidisciplinary services of the highest level, mainly carrying out consultancy and research activities applied to their real needs and counting on the skills of 34 Labs operating in numerous specialized production sectors.


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For those looking for a higher education course

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PIN, thanks to the close integration with the business world and the University world, manages to organize training courses that provide participants with the necessary skills to meet the requests of the business world, in particular the needs expressed by Companies, from public administrations and associations.


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For university students

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  • Do you want to do an internship?
PIN has been managing the Prato Campus of University of Florence for over 25 years. The university center is the social, educational and scientific heart of the city of Prato. In its teaching role, PIN has succeeded in giving life to an innovative university reality, open to dialogue with society and institutions.

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Why cooperate with us?

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Consulting from every angle

Thanks to the skills of our 34 laboratories, from economic to engineering ones, we are able to propose solutions to any need and any problem

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Higher Education Courses

We organize courses and masters able to provide participants the necessary skills to face the world of work

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We do research & innovation

For over 20 years we have been a landmark for companies, associations and institutions interested in participating and promoting research projects

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Convenient to reach

We are in front of "Prato Porta al Serraglio" railway station and 10 minutes away from "Prato Est" highway exit

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We facilitate your projects

Due to the vast high level resources available within our structure, you will have a single interlocutor for the management of the entire project

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Experience in announcements

For over 20 years we have identified the way to finance the projects and investments of companies by finding the right announcement

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PIN S.c.r.l. - Educational and Scientific Services for the University of Florence
Prato Campus of University of Florence
Piazza Giovanni Ciardi, 25 - 59100 Prato (PO) - Italy

Phone. +39 0574 602500 - E-mail: info@pin.unifi.it - PEC: pin@legalmail.it
Cap.Soc. € 707.339,00 i.v. - Reg.Impr. Prato n.01633710973 - VAT: 01633710973